Fyri, Fyhrie, Fyhr – Welcome!


‘Family’ original story by Aunt Grace : Fyri, the Name.
Torstein said that his mother used to tell the children stories of the Trolls.

In the beginning, all was darkness. Out of the darkness came the trolls. Out of the waters came trolls lifting rocks and trees, and thus islands were formed. out of the mists and darkness, mountains appeared — showing black of the rocks and white of the snow. All the land, with the exception of the highest mountain tops, were covered with heavy forests of fir.

The land was called “Fyri” which means land overgrown with Fir trees. The land was called Fyri, and the people living on this land were also called Fyri. The people who owned the land called their home “Fyrihagen.” when the daughters married, their husbands lived here and took the name “Fyri.” Ownership of the land passed from father to the eldest son. Or, if there were no sons, the land passed to the oldest son-in-law. And this is still the custom today. 

(I have the 1987 Family Tree notebook Dad & Marilyn gave to us Fyhrie kids, and Dad says “My sister Violet Kapek compiled the Fyhrie Side and my Uncle Charles Hill (Episcopalian Clergyman) researched and documented the Bacon tree while in England.  )



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