Share: Alcoholic Defined: 1952

Whether a man or woman is an alcoholic is not determined by how often or how much he or she drinks, but rather by reaction and control (or lack of control) to the use of alcoholics beverages. Thus, there are many persons who drink who are definitely not alcoholics, some who occasionally overindulge in drinking but yet cannot be classed as alcoholics. To use an old expression, the alcoholic is a person who, once having turned on the tap, cannot turn it off.

via The Catholic Church And Alcoholics Anonymous, COLUMBIA, 31: 15-16, May, 1952.


The United States is having an identity crisis | National Catholic Reporter


THANKS FOR GETTING ME TO THINK / PRAY today about being a GRATEFUL US Citizen (and Ashamed at the same time, sigh).


The United States is having an identity crisis
Joan Chittister  |  Dec. 28, 2015 From Where I Stand
The 19th century was a period of public and political turmoil in Russia, which is perhaps why the influential novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky is said to have commented, “To live without hope is to cease to live.” Perhaps Americans have never understood that feeling better than we can now. We are also facing grave national choices in a whirlpool of public and political turmoil. The way ahead is uncertain and the voices of leadership are tangled. It is time to consider what role we play as Americans when hope is at a premium for many and our own very definition of self is stake.
The images of refugees streaming across Europe, clinging to overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean Sea, huddled in the middle of rubble in bombed out villages in the Middle East is almost more than I can take. It is as if the world has fallen down around us, as if all of us went to bed one night and woke up the next morning on a different planet. Most damaging of all, it is a planet I do not want to be on. Why? Because this is a planet I grew up believing would never exist. At least not here. Not in the United States. This has become a planet at war with itself.

via The United States is having an identity crisis | National Catholic Reporter.

Reading Lolita in Patriarchy: Rebecca Solnit on Being Mansplained About How She Must Have Misread Nabokov

  1. Loved her opening  quote .  Found this  an interesting  read. Plan to read more of her work . But, just taking  a  break  to share this quickly .  Peace,  Angela  Christina

“It isn’t a fact universally acknowledged that a person who mistakes his opinions for facts may also mistake himself for God.”

Source: Reading Lolita in Patriarchy: Rebecca Solnit on Being Mansplained About How She Must Have Misread Nabokov

Write 101-11

Nice of you to meet up for a virtual ‘coffee’ to catch up…. So today, this is an update post … let’s see what have I talked about recently. Well, I did admit in the day 10 post yesterday, that I had taken a trip over the weekend.
I had a wonderful 4 days, 3 nights at the Archbishop Brunette Retreat Center in Federal Way, WA.

Feet at Retreat

This was a 12 Step retreat , the focus of the talks was around the Serenity Prayer, and the associated 12 steps found in Alanon, Alateen, AA, OA, NA, and any other 12 ‘ish’ programs that are based on the Big Book of Alcoholics anonymous and their associated literature.

I found many wonderful people to chat with, and explore more in-depth the principles we are all striving to live by.

Grant me the Serenity to
Accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things that I can and
Wisdom to know the difference

I may take time to tell you a bit more over the next few… I hope you may find of interest… I am learning now, at (cough) an age where I was sure I was a Mature, Responsible, Adult already. This 12 step way has shown me that chronology does not make me Grown-UP!

Peace, HUGS, Now, enough about me, did you see the latest Seahawk or Cougars game?

I’ve  found this Prayer several  times  most often attributed  to Reinholt  Neibuhr . Published  sometime  in  1930s America .

SVdP & Giving Tuesday

Give at Saint Vincent dePaul Society. online,     FIND out MORE at: Giving Tuesday. 

Make time to think of others this Holiday – 2nd annual Giving Tuesday

Here is an idea I plan to follow. NO SHOPPING on FRIDAY – visit / phone family and take out Christmas paraphernalia perhaps.  SHOP (a bit) on SMALL BUSINESS Saturday in my local downtown (BURIEN, WA) – AND set aside $$ I save (plus maybe gift $? Hum-mm) for GIVING TUESDAY .  YES, I know I forgot Cyber Monday but, well I don’t go to an office .

Unfortunately, there are many individuals in our local communities that do not have this luxury. In an effort to eradicatelogo poverty, the National Council of the U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides resources and financial support to help individuals and families out of poverty.

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